For an even comparison, I worked with a $30 budget for each restaurant and sampled the chef’s daily nigiri special in addition to a signature dish if budget allowed. One of the best spots for omakase in San Francisco This Michelin-starred 14-seat omakase restaurant is known for its elevated … Premium sakes are individually selected to complement your meal as you enjoy the day’s best selected fishes. In the Bay Area, "omakase" is a term that the knowledgeable have offered up to sushi chefs for decades. Dinner Tuesday-Saturday. Up until recently, its been hard to find a decent sushi restaurant in the bay area that does everything right– from service to quality to experience. 211 Clement St., San Francisco; (415) 682-4875 or He creates most of the sushi courses, such as Spanish bluefin tuna with truffle salt; aged wild Japanese sea bass with shiso; and mackerel with a nob of marinated kelp. We recommend the toro, hands down. I'm located in San Mateo/Foster City, but I'm willing to drive. Regions. What you see on the plates at Omakase goes well beyond sheer expertise. Reviews on Omakase in San Francisco, CA, United States - Omakase, jū-ni, KUSAKABE, Oma San Francisco Station, Kibatsu, Sushi Urashima, The Shota, Wako Japanese Restaurant, Saru Sushi Bar - … Dinner Wednesday-Sunday. If you're looking to treat yourself, definitely come to this one Michelin star restaurant. Email +1 415-865-0633. Chef Tomoharu Nakamura at Wako Sushi in San Francisco, Calif., on Thursday, July 27, 2017. Das Omakase erwartet Sie mit 2 verschiedenen Degusationsmenüs zum Festpreis, bei denen Sie dahinschmelzen werden. In many ways, an omakase course is like a tasting menu where the freshest ingredients of the season are served to the diners. Photo: John Storey / Special to the Chronicle 2017. Hashiri offers an Omasake or chef's choice sushi menu. TIP #1: Arrive at least 30 minutes before it opens and expect to wait in line. Even the interior has a more open and modern feel than most omakase restaurants. Top Sushi Bars in San Francisco/Bay Area When people say, "I love sushi," what they really mean is, "I love fresh, top-quality sushi. What’s distinctive: A serene, authentic-feeling Japanese experience in Napa. After less than a year in operation, Omakase received a Michelin star and … Kiss? Each one is different and brings something special to the scene. Sebu? Dinner Tuesday-Saturday. Mono Sei, Omakase-style restaurant serving a 24-course set, located on 973 G Floor Holiday Inn/Intercontinental Hotel, Phloenchit Rd. They even label each type of fish on the to-go” more, “With the stay at home order in place, I knew I wanted my last outdoor meal of 2020 to be omakase. Details. Wako features an Omakase, or chef tasting service. That’s followed by sashimi and the first set of four nigiri. Map. Dessert is black sesame pudding with adzuki cream crowned with a bing cherry and sea bean. 1335 Fulton St., San Francisco; (415) 655-9924 or Whether you want a spicy tuna roll or high-end omakase, here's where to order the best sushi in Boston. “Our omakase is the best way for our guests to taste the products and preparations that our chefs are most excited about at the moment, as well as some of … 2206 Polk St., San Francisco; (415) 921-2222 or The restaurant is owned by Bill Kong and Kua Chuang, who opened Ijji a little more than a year ago. The Zawaikani (snow crab, cucumber and tosazu, Hokkaido) served at Ijji sushi restaurant in San Francisco, Calif., on Wednesday, July 26, 2017. The more legit/unique the sashimi/sushi, the better. The dinner officially starts with a salad of kale, pickled beets, kiwi, kumquats, flower petals and shaved radishes with a smear of wasabi cream. Salmon comes from Alaska, Manila clams and mussels are from British Columbia, and his white soy-cured king salmon is from New Zealand. Kenzo Tsujimoto made his fortune as the founder of the video-game company Capcom. Before working at The Chronicle, he was a reporter and editor at the Kansas City Star and the Dallas Times Herald. What’s distinctive: Specializes in Edomae, the purest style of sushi. Would I come back and get the GO GO BOX for it's normal price of $27.99? 15 … Does anyone have any suggestions for the best Omakase in the Bay Area? His wife, Yoriko, is no more talkative, but she fields customers’ questions and requests, which includes handing out some of the most elusive reservations in the Bay Area. San Francisco Bay Area Sushi Omakase. Do I need to say anything more? Dinner nightly. Nakamura, who sets a friendly tone, breaks up the sushi and sashimi courses with a collection of appetizers that might include firefly squid and fresh oysters. Sushi Sho: You may be surprised that one of the best omakase experiences in the Bay Area can be found in El Cerrito. Miura should easily be your next omakase adventure, even if it’s a hike down to Lomita. Turns out it was baby sea eel. I've ordered the Chirashi sushi bowl for ~$36 dozens of times this year. He owns several restaurants in Tokyo but he wanted to bring an unfiltered vision of his culture to the Napa Valley. I saw Sushi Ondo had built a parklet with heatlamps so I took my sister for dinner. SoMa. Zagat's guide to the top restaurants. After four more pieces of sushi, the waiter brings miso soup with eel and shimeji mushrooms. My friend and I made an effort to try every chirashi bowl in SF over quarantine, and Sasa's blew every other option away by far. "Even if the atmosphere is quaint, the sushi chefs bow to you upon your entrance, and the food served promptly and artistically presented, you're not going to enjoy your meal unless the sushi is made from quality ingredients. From takeout omakase to iconic plates of prime rib, this list — sorted by area, including San Francisco proper, the East and South Bays, and Napa Valley — highlights some of the Bay Area’s best ways to celebrate with restaurants right now, with outdoor and takeout options for every restaurant to meet your comfort level. Up until recently, its been hard to find a decent sushi restaurant in the bay area that does everything right– from service to quality to experience. Omakase is the fourth San Francisco restaurant from Chef Yu, who also co-owns two locations of Live Sushi in San Francisco, as well as Okane, located next door to Omakase. Some offer a traditional approach; others add a Northern California spin. Website. Under Chef Yu’s leadership, Omakase has earned a reputation for being one of the highest quality and most authentic sushi restaurants in the Bay Area. His wife, Yoriko, is no more talkative, but she fields customers’ questions and requests, which includes handing out some of the most elusive reservations in the Bay Area. Bay Area residents often bemoan the region’s barbecue scene, but The South Smokin BBQ has gained a loyal, fervent following in Livermore.
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