Slather onto the ham, making sure to get in the crevices too. Add the butter and let it melt while you stir it … ★☆. Fill marinade injector with brine and inject the ham in multiple spots to disperse the flavor throughout the ham. Last updated Dec 19, 2020. In a small bowl, mix the Water, 2 Tbs. Using a turkey injector inject at least half of the marinade. Flavor-Drenched Pork Sopa Seca Pork. Using a turkey injector inject at least half of the marinade. They’re beans. Put the ham, flat-side down, on a rack in a roasting pan, Transfer to the oven and roast until a thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the ham registers 145 degrees F. Allow ham to rest for 15 minutes before carving. Use as much of the brine as possible. It's something that sounds hard to do, that few people know how to do, and that does take a long time, but home-cured ham is actually very easy to make!Home curing your own ham (wet cure) takes just a few minutes of active work, and about a week of waiting until you are … Place the ham into a roasting pan fatty side up. We inject everything here in Louisiana. Pour the remainder of the glaze over the ham and cover completely with foil. In a glass measuring cup, add butter and maple syrup. Equipment. Would you believe black-eyed peas aren’t a pea? What is the true definition of "Optimal Health"? Trusted Results with Ham injection recipes. 6. Slowly inject Ham all over, reserving a small amount of the Marinade. And if you watch a lot of TV shows like BBQ Pitmasters you could be excused for thinking that injecting your meat is an essential part of cooking barbecue. For the resourceful cook, this two-ingredient recipe … Insert the needle about every 1.5" apart and leave behind about 1 ounce per pound. Any type of ham will work. We carry a wide variety for beef, pork, poultry and the equipment to make it easy. This helps to lock in the juices, If you are not going to be able to eat all the ham within 5 days, freeze the remaining ham for up to 3 months, Bake ham covered at first to keep it moist and then uncovered for the last part of baking to allow the skin to crisp. This allows the outside of the ham to dry and creates a nice crisp skin, If possible, allow the ham to sit untouched for 15-20 minutes before carving. Share a photo and tag us — we can't wait to see what you've made! Course Dinner, Main Course. There are two speculations on how this tradition began. That is the question. Remove the ham from the packaging, including the plastic disk covering the bone. Would you like any meat in the recipe? Pour 1/4 inch water into the bottom of the pan. Wrap ham in 2 layers of plastic wrap before starting the injection process. Holiday favorites like turkey and ham just don't taste the same without our signature flavors like Creole Style Butter and Praline Honey Ham. Mix the injecting fluid ingredients and inject every couple of inches into the ham. I love the sweet and salty togather. pour the rest over the ham and bake at … You can also use a boneless ham as well as a spiral cut ham. Home-cured and smoked ham doesn't seem as though it should sneak into any sort of "easy cooking" recipe compilation. ★☆ The Oklahoma Joe's Trigger Meat Injector is more of a marinade pump than a syringe. Grill turkey will be very juicy and tasty. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In a small bowl, mix together the butter and honey. In a saucepan over medium heat, combine the praline sauce, honey, salt and pepper and heat until the syrup is thin and runny. Cuisine American, BBQ. To inject, or not to inject. Stir in the bourbon. 5. Using a meat injection syringe, inject the mixture into several different spots in … Per pound of meat in a grid pattern through out the entire ham and don’t be afraid to use up to 3 ounces per pound of meat. I used nitrate-free bone-in ham for this recipe. Dip the hose end into a container with your marinade, and the trigger mechanism pumps the solution into the meat on both strokes. Inject warm … Allow ham to rest overnight uncovered if … Meat injector. You will need 1 recipe for a roasting chicken or pork roast – and you will need a double … Allow to sit for 10 minutes before serving. Dry ham with the lint-free towel so there is no excess moisture on the ham. Score Ham and rub this mixture all over. Rate this recipe Combine the melted butter, garlic powder, & Cajun spice in a small bowl; whisk to combine. Your email address will not be published. I was shocked and surprised at how good this ham turned out. No matter how you need to eat your feelings – appetizers only, a fancy family dinner, or just skipping to desserts – we have the recipes for you. Not because I thought it would not taste good but I didn't realize how AMAZING ham is when you actually inject it instead of just heating it up. Bake for 2 hours until the ham is fully heated. Alfajor Recipe (Christmas Edition) by Shortet in Cookies. OK that might be getting a bit too philosophical, but it’s a valid question. Combine with garlic and onion powder, pepper, salt, and oil. Pour the rum into a small sauce pan over low heat. Southern tradition says if you eat them on New Year’s Day your year will be lucky and prosperous.
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