KÖNIG GALERIE was founded by Johann König in 2002, and currently represents 30 international, emerging and established artists, mostly belonging to a younger generation. Born in Freiburg, Grosse studied at the art academies of Münster and Düsseldorf under Johannes Brus, Norbert Tadeusz, and Gotthard Graubner. Katharina Grosse Explores Order and Chaos in New Paintings: As part of an exhibition at Gagosian Rome called "Separatrix." Since the 1990s, Katharina Grosse has built up a repertoire consisting of large painted canvasses and bright acrylic colours sprayed onto both interior and exterior walls, ceilings and floors. Sculpture. Paintings without Limits. (216 x 314cm.) BERLIN.- Katharina Grosse’s paintings can appear anywhere: on a rubber boot, on an egg, on the crumpled folds of a cloth, along a railway line, on the beach, in snow, on a sculptural form, or across a façade and on the roof. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. Her unique approach to painting has long fascinated me. $5k – $10k. Over the past two decades, Grosse has become known for large wall paintings made in architectural spaces. Katharina Grosse (German, b.1961) is a painter known for her use of sprayed acrylic colors to produce large-scale installations and smaller works. Price. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. And much more. Katharina Grosse, It Wasn't Us, 2020, Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin, acrylic on floor, polystyrene and bronze; paint on asphalt, concrete, brick and metal, 700 x 6,500 x 18,300 cm. Aug 11, 2015 - Explore Nasher Sculpture Center's board "Katharina Grosse", followed by 875 people on Pinterest. Though she never gave up her studio-based practice of painting on canvas, she mostly creates her large-scale works directly on architecture or the outdoor … Saved by Snapchat: zxxcarlxxz. Ways to buy. Museum für Gegenwart → Potsdamer Straße 58 10785 Berlin (Germany) Use our Art Geolocation App Katharina Grosse (B. Katharina Grosse’s site-specific paintings/installations are a phoenix from the ashes of late modernism. German artist Katharina Grosse’s exuberant large-scale, in-situ paintings explore how and where a painted image can appear in our lives. Berlin-based Grosse … Her working methods are related to Colour Field Painting and Abstract Expressionism, between Impressionism and graffiti, performance, process and installation art. The program’s focus is on interdisciplinary, concept-oriented and space-based approaches in a variety of media including sculpture, video, sound, painting, printmaking, photography and performance. Grosse attended art school during the 1980s in Düsseldorf, where faculty included the renowned painter and photographer Gerhard Richter and the “father” of video art, Nam June Paik. June 2020. Whereas painting once depicted the world, she applies paint to the world itself, and the results are often spectacular and kaleidoscopic installations that blend painting, architecture, and land art. $1k – $5k. 26-mar-2015 - ayako descrubrió este Pin. German artist Katharina Grosse first saw Fort Tilden, the former US army base at Rockaway Point in Queens, in a series of smartphone images sent to … See more ideas about painting, art, art transportation. In the summer of 2013, visitors to the Nasher experienced WUNDERBLOCK, an exhibition of works by Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse. $50k+ $25k – $50k. 1961) is fascinated by how colour can affect its surroundings. $10k – $25k. Buy now. Work on Paper. Katharina Grosse is a German artist based in Berlin. Katharina Grosse (b. German painter Katharina Grosse is best known for her wall-size paintings and even bigger installations made of seemingly incompatible materials and surfaces. In a grandiose and colorful gesture: “I painted my way out of the building,” Grosse said of his work. Since 1998 Grosse has been using a compressed air spray gun to apply garish swaths and splashes of undulating color directly to gallery walls with sublimely spectacular results. Katharina Grosse, Untitled, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 114 3/16 × 76 inches. 1961) Untitled signed and dated 'Katharina 2000' (on the reverse) acrylic on canvas 85 ¼ x 123 5/8in. Katharina Grosse’s medium is painting, but it is obvious that she has developed an expanded notion of painting. See more ideas about Installation art, Art, Painting. Katharina Grosse – interview: ‘My eyes are my most important tools’ The artist talks about the importance of layering, colour and bodily intelligence in her painting practice, and her work on show at the Fondazione Merz in Turin, which is inspired by the medieval tale of Perceval and the Black Knight A painting by Katharina Grosse can appear anywhere. In her large-scale in-situ paintings she abandons the confines of the traditional rectangular canvas and uses floors, walls, other structures and natural materials, such as soil, as her support. Katharina Grosse will speak with Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, director of Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo (MAXXI) in Rome, as part of the museum’s Conversazioni d’autore series. Her process is equally powerful: armed with a spray gun, she covers large canvasses, often close to seven feet heigh, with layers of paint. We were captivated by her architectural shapes, and the vivid colors in her paintings. She is known for her large-scale, site-related installations to create immersive visual experiences. Her large-scale works are multi-dimensional pictorial worlds in which splendid color sweeps across walls, ceilings, objects, and even entire buildings and landscapes. Using architecture and nature as the basis of her compositions, she creates abstract, psychedelic works comprised of layers of expressive colors, canvas and other striking components. Katharina Grosse. Katharina Grosse’s latest in-situ painting disregards the boundaries of the museum space in a grand and colourful gesture: “I painted my way out of the building,” said Grosse in relation to her work. Oct 15, 2019 - Explore Gagosian's board "Katharina Grosse", followed by 10671 people on Pinterest. Katharina Grosse (born 2 October 1961) is a German artist. Katharina Grosse’s latest in-situ painting does not take into account the limits of the museum’s space. $0 – $1,000. Often painted directly onto and across architectural structures and objects or into landscapes, her extraordinary, colorful works invite visitors to engage with painting on both a visual and a physical level. As an artist, Grosse's work employs a use of architecture, sculpture and painting. Photography. Installation. As Grosse says, painting is not a closed system, it is a window, it is a mode of thought. 23. Wielding a spray gun instead of a brush, Grosse often paints directly on the walls, floors, or facades of her exhibition sites, altering the logic and scale of architecture itself. Courtesy of KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin, London, Tokyo / Gagosian / Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna. 26-mar-2015 - Lauren Moncreaff descrubrió este Pin. ... Of course, in parts of the painting I make conscious decisions, but mostly I am unconsciously following where the painting is taking me.’ KATHARINA GROSSE.
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